Contaminated Land

Sustainability means meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  Sustainable Construction aims to apply this principle to the construction industry by providing ways of buildings that use less virgin material and less energy, cause less pollution and less waste but still provide the benefits that construction projects have brought us throughout history.

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The Sustainable Construction logo represents one way of approaching the complex issues of sustainability and their application to the construction process. The house logo is made up of the individual disciplines which are integrated within sustainable construction.  The foundation for the whole process lies in balancing financial, environmental and operational considerations.  On top of this comes the assessment and remediation of contaminated land (brownfield development).  Above that, sustainable construction considers materials, energy, design and construction.  And on top of all of this come the requirements of the community.  Each of these sections on the image below connects to the relevant page.

These topics are represented by the various images that go to make up the logo and can be traced individually through the various projects reported on this site by clicking on the relevant image wherever it appears.

The site also contains a brief introduction to the history and theory of sustainable construction and a bit of background to set the scene.

The site is not all theory, however. Actual building projects are followed as they progress through the various stages from initial concept to completion and on into everyday use. It is hoped that in time this site will become a valuable resource for anyone wishing to develop sustainable sites, be they commercial, residential or whatever. If you have a project you would like to see included in this site, please use the form on the contact page to get in touch.