Sustainable Construction


Welcome to the Sustainable Construction Web Site.  This site has been set up to provide a reference point for anyone who needs more information on how to build or refurbish in a more sustainable way.  The site offers free web space to anyone with a current or completed project, product or service and aims to provide guidance and assistance to improve the environmental, social and financial performance of the built environment.

The Comely Green (formerly Lower London Road) project is now drawing to a close.  To mark this a number of new reports have been published which examine different aspect of this highly successful sustainable housing project.  All the old reports as well as the new reports are now available for pdf download.  For anyone planning or involved in sustainable construction these reports will provide excellent examples of the problems encountered as well as the solutions used.

The highly successful BREEAM standard for office buildings has now been joined by EcoHomes.  This new standard offers an ideal way for housing developers to improve the sustainability of projects.  Across the whole of the UK are a large number of accredited assessors who are able to help and grade property.

Sustainable Construction should not be seen as something that is exclusive to expensive projects, as it has the potential to be applied to any development.  If even small aspects of a development are switched to more sustainable materials or design this should be seen as a step forward.  Help is at hand and this exists in a number of forms and is in some cases free.  Good Luck 

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