EcoHomes is a straightforward, flexible and independently verified environmental assessment method, with environmental performance expressed on a scale from Pass to Excellent. It is an easily understood, credible label for new and renovated houses, apartments and sheltered accommodation. It rewards developers who improve environmental performance through good design, rather than high capital cost solutions. Benefits include:

Demonstrating sustainability credentials to planning authorities to assist a smooth passage through the planning process.
Demonstrating superior environmental design to customers
Reduced running costs through greater energy and water efficiency, and reduced maintenance
Healthy, comfortable and flexible internal environments
Allowing developers to be one step ahead of regulation
Demonstrating "green" credentials to investors helps to minimise investment risk and increase the appeal to ethical investors.

For more information on the EcoHomes standard either contact Keir Allen (an EcoHomes Assessor) or alternatively BRE directly.  A pdf is also available that provides more background information on EcoHomes assessments.